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Elgin, IL

The Elgin Police Department has four main goals: reducing serious crimes, fostering community partnerships, improving traffic safety, and promoting employee development. Members of the department continuously work to achieve these goals while serving and protecting our community exceptionally. Their efforts combined with working with our community resulted in the City of Elgin continuing to follow a trend of decreasing serious crime over the past several years accomplished by leveraging technological advances and by providing members of the department with opportunities that promote both their personal and professional strengths.

Mission Statement

The Elgin Police Department is dedicated to working in partnership with the community to promote safety and enhance the quality of life by serving with professionalism, encouraging open communication and embracing diversity.


Partnering with our citizens and involved in our community.

Embracing innovative strategies while maintaining proven practices.

Serving with integrity and professionalism.


The department is constantly striving to promote transparency within the community and does so by the following:

Engagement on social media platforms to include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

The department’s Transparency Hub that contains interactive maps and dashboards that provide crime data including beat specific information, how to find your beat officer or neighborhood officer, gunfire incidents with historic data availability, homicides from 2000-forward and homicide cold cases dating back to the 1970’s, response to resistance data, employee complaint information, and recruiting statistics. You can explore the Transparency Hub by clicking here:

Monthly community meetings, Chief of Police bi-monthly community meeting, and a weekly radio show on WRMN1410 hosted by the Chief of Police.

Community Engagement

Community policing has been at the heart of the department’s core policing philosophy. This philosophy continues to help connect us with our community, hear perspectives, and embrace differences. We remain committed to this philosophy and will continue to create a welcoming, diverse, and professional department to provide our community with the best service.

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